2016 British Championships

Posted: 20th November 2016

The 2016 British Championships will get underway on the 29th November at Ice Sheffield.

The International School of Skating will be in full force at the event with skaters from both ISS Coventry and ISS Milton Keynes. We are extremely proud of our skaters for working so hard and we want to wish them all the best of luck at the competition...

Competing for ISS Coventry...

Frederick Wilkin (coached by Kimberley French, Phill Harris) Novice A men. Competing Tuesday 11:00.
Harry Mattick (coached by Emma Davies, Richard Beamish). Senior Mens. Competing Saturday and Sunday.
Molly Stackhouse (coached by Emma Davies, Richard Beamish) Novice B ladies. Competing on Wednesday.
Jacob Casey (coached by Emma Davies,Richard Beamish). Novice A men. Competing on Tuesday.
Aoife Stevenson (coached by Laura Todd). Novice A. Competing Tuesday 14:00.
Robyn Foster (coached byLaura Tod). Novice A. Competing Tuesday 14:00.
Talulla Zara Tysoe (coached by Irina Kuznetsova, Nikolai Shashkov) Novice A. Competing Tuesday 14:15.
Daniel Galloway. (coached by Alexander Markuntsov) Novice B men. Competing on Tuesday.
Eva Carter. (coached by Marina Serova). Novice A. Competing Tuesday 14:00.
Lowenna Prigg. (coached byMarina Serova). Novice A. Competing Wednesday 11:30.
Sofia Clark. (coached by Marina Serova) Novice B. Competing Wednesday 11:30.
Phoebe Winser. (coached by Marina Serova, Yuri Bureiko). Novice Advance.
Abbie Forman. (coached by Marina Serova, Yuri Bureiko). Junior.
Bethany Wightmen (coached by Marina Serova, Yuri Bureiko). Junior.
Phillip Harris. (coached by Marina Serova,Yuri Bureyko). Senior Mens. Competing on Saturday and Sunday.

Competing for ISS Milton Keynes...

Megan Bulford. (Coached by Vicky Ogden) Novice A.
Sophie Holloway. (Coached  by Vicky Ogden/Eriq Lyons) Novice B.
Jasmine Cressey from Chelmsford/ISS. (Coached by John Wicker/Yuri Bureiko/Vicky Ogden)

Good luck to all the skaters from ISS competing! #teamiss



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