IJS Championships

Posted: 31st October 2013

Wales were host to the Welsh Open IJS Championships in Deeside on the 7th -11th October 2013.

ISS had a great week with skaters participating at the competition. First off we had Adult skaters from ISS Coventry, Mark Warner and Bethan Lewis who competed in the adult section of the Welsh Open championships at Deeside. Bethan was rewarded a 2nd in Bronze ladies young adult class and Mark was also awarded 2nd in Bronze men's class 1.












(Left to right; Adult skaters Mark Warner, Bethan Lewis and coach Emma Davies and Paige Jacobs of ISS Coventry)

Kia Blackburn and Paige Jacobs from ISS MK also competed. Paige started the competition well and qualified for the long program and was placed 24th overall out of 44 in her category. After skating in the Short program Kia Blackburn sadly did not qualify for the Long program. Overall Kia Blackburn is ranked 26th and Paige Jacobs is 35th in the Advanced Novice rankings so far.

Spectators witnessing the Senior Men's Competition at the Welsh Open Figure Skating Championships were in for a treat.

Beginning with the SP the first man out was ISS Coventry's Phillip Harris. Skating with good speed and strength he opened with a fantastic triple axel, just needing a hand down to steady himself. Some great spins and expressive step work helped Phil to a score of 56.92 and a 1st place finish in the SP.

And skating last in the FP, Phil Harris opened up his program with an attempt at the quad toe!! His program was packed with technical content that included 6 triple jumps, excellent spins and a dynamic step sequence. All in all a real crowd pleaser and a gauntlet thrown down! With a score of 108.28 Phil finished the FP and the Competition in 1st place with a total score of 165.20.


Round up of season

Well done to all the ISS Skaters who have competed so far this season at Deeside, Coupe De Nice and Romania.

Deeside - Malika Sharshenbaeva 53.61. Lowri Jones 64.78
Novice. Lauren Barnes 65.78.
Junior. Phillip Harris 165.20.

Nice - Phillip 180.39.
Romania - Harry Mattik 157.53


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IJS Championships

Wales were host to the Welsh Open IJS Championships 2013

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