Interested in Pairs skating?

Posted: 19th March 2016

Alexander Markuntsov from ISS Coventry, is available to coach all skaters looking to learn pairs skating.

You can learn pairs skating with Alexander as a complete beginner or for those on the path to competing at international level. Alexander is also able to train with skaters who are working towards auditions for Professional shows and who have not yet found a partner, and competitive pair skaters who are also seeking a partner.

Alexander is a NISA level 2 qualified coach and a World Championship Senior pairs competitor. Originating from St. Petersburg Russia, Alexander and his partner Yuko Kawaguchi were coached to the World Championships by World and Olympic coaches, Tamara and Igor Moskvin. He has also been a principal pair skater with Disney on Ice and Willy Bietek productions with Royal Caribbean.

Alexander is based at ISS Coventry, Planet Ice. For enquiries please contact Alexander on:

Tel : 07402251870
Alternatively, please contact International School of Skating at
Email :


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Interested in Pairs skating?

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