ISS Cannock develops young talent

Posted: 24th April 2013

ISS supports skaters of all ages and abilities, and it’s exciting to hear how well our skaters are progressing around all of our Schools.

Skater Carys Kelsey is 7 years old and has been skating with Coach Tasha Fenell for a little over a year at ISS Cannock.

Carys started the NISA’s Skate UK Programme approximately 2 years ago at Silver Blades Cannock. After completing the course she caught the skating bug and continued with her skating.

Now skating 2/3 times a week Carys is training hard and is working with her coach on her program. Her Coach Tash said “Carys works hard but does struggle to remember her routine sometimes as she is often off on ‘planet Carys’, but being only 7 years old it’s a lot to take in, so she is doing really well!”

Carys started competing last year at the age of 6; she had some good results and often finished in the top 5 of her group. Since turning 7 she has competed at Grimsby Open, finishing 5th and at the Blackpool Festival 2013 where she finish 2nd.

Carys is about to take her NISA level 1 field moves. Carys said “I am quite nervous but I am excited at the same time!”

Yuri Bureiko, Director of the School went on to commentIts great to see the progress Carys is making, and competing nationally at such a young age is really inspiring to see, which I hope inspires many more of our young skaters, the progress and determination of all the skaters at Cannock is fantastic, having worked with them previously they always put in 110% so I am really looking forward to working with them again at the Master class we will be holding their in June.”

ISS wish Carys the best of luck with her NISA test and will be watching out for her in competition.

Well done Carys!


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