ISS Coventry's Malika Sharshenbaeva

Posted: 25th November 2013

With the 2013 British Figure Skating Championships starting this week uknewsonice caught up with ISS Coventry's promising Advanced Novice Ladies competitor Malika Sharshenbaeva to put a couple of questions to her.

This year will be Malika’s second time competing at the British Figure Skating Championships – at last year’s competition she placed 4th in the Advanced Novice Ladies Competition. Then in April of this year she went on to have an impressive win at the Lee Valley IJS. However this year has also brought some big changes for Malika as she has moved from training at Nottingham to ISS Coventry, and from her old coaching team to a new one – Yuri Bureiko and Marina Serova. So let’s see what Malika had to say….

uknewsonice: So what led you to start skating Malika, and when was this?

Malika: Well when I was 5 years old my mom took me skating on public ice, it was a disco so it was very dark and the music was too loud. So as we got on to the ice I just suddenly started to skate and I sped off around the rink leaving my mom behind! Aha! After that she didn’t see me till the end of the disco! After that amazing experience my mom then took me to go for lessons at Skate UK, it was soo fun! And then my skating career started!

uknewsonice: And about how many hours a week do you currently train on/off the ice? What sort of off ice training do you do?

Malika: Since I am now training in Coventry and live in Nottingham I don’t do as many hours of on ice training as I used to, but I don’t have to worry about it because my amazing coach Yuri Bureiko makes sure I catch up all the time so it’s really good! At the moment I train 4/5 days a week on ice and each session is about 2 hours, so I do about 10 hours a week on the ice. When I do off ice it is usually in my back garden or in the park, I do off ice 4 times a week for about 1 hour and a half, adding on to that I also do ballet with the famous and amazing ballet teacher Tatiana Tretyakova!

uknewsonice: What do you love the most about skating? Do you have a favourite jump or element?

Malika: What I love most about skating is not just because it’s beautiful but because figure skating requires the speed of a speed skater, the strength of a hockey skater and the agility of a dance skater! Figure skating means everything to me! My favourite jump element is axel, double, triple or even quadruple!

uknewsonice: What goals do you and your coaches have for this season, and the future? Or is that secret lol?

Malika: Me and my coaches’ goals are after Christmas we are going to put 3 or 4 triples in my program!

uknewsonice: Can you tell us a little about your programs this season….what music you are skating to, who chose it and why?

Malika: Well as you know my short program is Swan Lake, I chose the music because I think I can move very freely to it and I enjoy skating to it very much. For my short program the choreography was put in by my team of coaches, Yuri Bureiko, Marina Serova, Susanna Bureiko and an International coach Alexandra Ievleva. My short program dress was made especially by Olga Happer. My free program music is called Summertime, me and Yuri chose it together because we think it suits me and it’s very beautiful and unusual!

uknewsonice: Do you have a favourite moment so far in your skating career that you could share with us?

Malika: Yes I have many but the best ones are just competing in competitions of all kinds but especially going to my very first International competition in Latvia.

uknewsonice: Do you have any other interests outside of skating (if you’ve time for any others!)?

Malika: I don’t have much time for others but other than skating I also enjoy very much listening to all kinds of music and spending time with friends and baking all kinds of food.

uknewsonice: And finally do you have a favourite skater or someone who has inspired you?

Malika: Yes I have 2 favourite skaters I look up to, one of them is Yuzuru Hanyu because I just love the way he moves so beautifully around the ice and he is also very strong in the jump category. My other one is Elizaveta Tuktamysheva. I love her because she jumps so well, and her presentation in her program and facial expressions are just outstanding from the rest!

So many thanks to Malika for giving us her time, and all these fantastic answers to our questions ! Sharshenbaeva may very well be a long and complicated surname for us Brits to get our tongues around, but it is most definitely one to remember for the future !

Yuri Bureiko, Marina Serova and Susanna Bureiko all coach at ISS Coventry, Planet Ice.


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