Skate Sharpening

Posted: 23rd November 2015

ISS are delighted to announce that ISS MK resident coach Eriq Lyons, is now offering a skate sharpening service open to everyone.

Eriq who is based in Milton Keynes has been sharpening ice skates of top professional skaters from around the world for nearly 10 years. As a former Canadian Champion, International competitor, principal ice show performer and professional coach with over 25 years of skating experience, Eriq has a unique perspective when it comes to understanding the importance of a perfect grind.

“Skating is a sport of precision; when you’re rotating 3 or 4 times in the air at high speed and have to land perfectly on a blade only 4mm wide, the quality of your sharpening can be the difference between landing and falling.”

“Having sharpened skates myself in the past, I know the precision and expertise required to get the perfect edge. Eriq sharpened my skates perfectly every time.”
Vaughn Chippeur – Canadian Olympian

“I only trusted Eriq to sharpen my skates”
Andrey Gryazev – Russian and Junior World Champion

Skate sharpening equipment is ever evolving, and we are fortunate to have acquired the very best in cutting edge technology with the Incredible Edger. Designed and manufactured in the United States by former skater and aerospace engineer Sidney Broadbent, the Ultimate Edger has been distributed all around the world to notables such as Olympic Champions Christopher Dean and Ekatarina Gordeeva, World Champion Todd Eldredge and the Russian Skating Federation for the Sochi Olympics.

Eriq said “Having worked on many different pieces of sharpening equipment, I can say that none are of the quality or able to achieve the same precision as this machine.”

Price: £6 per pair of skates

Please contact Eriq for further details via email or in person at the rink in Milton Keynes:

Tel: 07512 860 894



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