Spotlight on 'Megan Bulford'

Posted: 11th October 2011

"My name is Megan and I have been skating since I was four and half. My coach is Vicky Ogden, she calls me her cheeky monkey. Over the last ten months I have been very busy. I competed in my first open competition at Coventry in January 2011 aged seven. I came second in the open at Basingstoke in June 2011.

I have taken part in lots of skate camps at Milton Keynes and have enjoyed them all. They have helped me with lots of jumps, spins and steps. This summer I went to Latvia for two weeks for the ISS camp. I had a fantastic time. It helped me improve my axel, double jumps and edges. I can’t wait to go again next year. Yuri said at the party in Latvia that maybe next year we will be able to go for three weeks, which I would love.

When I came home from Latvia I took part in the Coventry skate camp for a week. It was great to be able to skate for another week and to see some friends I had made in Latvia.

I have just passed my level one NISA test and I am hoping that I will be able to do my level two in November. I have really enjoyed the last ten months even though it has been hard work. I hope all the hard work will help me be a good coach like Vicky and one day I would like to play Minnie Mouse in Disney on Ice and Dancing on Ice when I am bigger."

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