Success for Lowri Jones

Posted: 2nd September 2012

Lowri Jones from Planet Ice Cardiff and ISS Coventry has received a grant from the Arts and Sports Trust.

The Arts and Sports Trust is a charity and works in collaboration with young people up to the age of 18 by helping them achieve their hopes and dreams and providing some much needed financial support.

Lowri has skated at Planet Ice Cardiff from a young age and more recently has been training at ISS Coventry and is a member of the National Development Squad. After careful selection from the Trust, she was awarded the grant in recognition of her hard work and outstanding talent. The Trust recognises the level of development needed to achieve these goals and the potential that Lowri has and have outlined that the grant will be used towards specialist coaching at ISS which is needed in her quest for national success and will help towards competition fees.

Figure skating can be costly and the support the grant will provide will be a huge help leaving Lowri to be able to focus on achieving her goals, she is hugely committed and attends ISS master classes and UK and international camps that the School runs.

Lowri has had tremendous support, not just from the Arts and Sports Trust but also from Planet Ice, who have been there for her throughout her development and will continue to support her in the future. Lowri also has other supporters, and would like to thank them all for being there for her now and in the future.

This is a fantastic opportunity, and we will be following her on her journey, well done Lowri, keep up the hard work!


Success for Lowri Jones

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